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Chrysanthemums Exhibited at Ningbo Botanical Garden
Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-11-02 09:15:02

  By Xu Zhuowei

  Autumn is the time to enjoy chrysanthemums in bloom.

  On October 24, just inside Gate 1 of the Ningbo Botanical Garden, the staff were busily setting up plant displays for the 6^th Ningbo Botanical Garden Chrysanthemum Exhibition, which opened on October 28.

  The centerpiece of the exhibition is a 200m^2 floral installation, featuring a six-meter tall "basket of flowers" surrounded by five stylized lions inspired by traditional Chinese lion dances.

  The stunning display was the result of careful planning on the part of the Ningbo Botanical Garden's expert group, who designed the structure and layout of the installations, identified the flower varieties and shaping techniques required, and oversaw the assembly to ensure an impressive presentation. The chrysanthemum exhibition's main area is the Orchid Garden, with 40,000-plus pots of chrysanthemums representing over 900 varieties, including five of China's very best and select varieties from Japan and Europe. Advanced techniques were employed to shape the plants into twelve different forms, including single-bloom, multi-bloom, massive, miniature, tower-shaped, cascading, and mushroom-shaped. Individual floral installations can be found near Gate 1, Gate 3, the boat dock, and lakeside restaurant.

  "The landscaping at the Orchid Garden is near completion, while the largest floral installation is still being assembled. The work will be done by the 27^th, ready for the opening on the 28^th," said Xu Yiwen, a staff member of the Horticulture Department of Ningbo Botanical Garden, on Tuesday. The chrysanthemum exhibition will last for one month.