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Ningbo Will Build 12 More '15Minute Convenient Living Circles'
Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-08-26 10:42:44

  By Dong Na

  "There are supermarkets and restaurants nearby, as well as hairdressers, car washes, childcare centers, libraries and beauty salons," said Ms. Wang, a citizen who lives next to Changfeng Yuelinhui Neighborhood Center in Yinzhou District.

  As the first intelligent neighborhood center in Ningbo, Changfeng Yuelinhui brings together a variety of businesses such as boutique supermarkets, boutique hotels, community retails, catering services, education and training, and also has an online platform with multi-services.

  Ningbo is one of the first pilot areas in China to establish a 15-minute convenient living circle, taking the lead in establishing a list of convenient facilities. It has picked Jiangbei District to carry out the pilot work. Covering all sorts of services, not only does the 'circle' easily meet the basic needs of residents in terms of clothing, food, housing and transportation, but also is suitable for living, working and studying.

  By the end of 2021, Ningbo had built thirty-three 15-minute convenience living circles, of which 10 were new in the year; more than 180 branded chain convenience stores, 60 integrated supermarkets and nearly 4,000 other shops have been opened, and the average satisfaction rate of residents in the pilot communities exceeded 95%.

  Each of these "circles" has its own features. For example, the Zhongshan community in Haishu District, has introduced reputable shops and built service points in nine streets to provide public services; one community in Jiangbei focuses on convenience and leisure businesses and has introduced unmanned libraries.

  Not long ago, Ningbo launched the province's first "15-minute convenient living circle" application platform, which allows residents to find a map of merchants in five types of businesses: shopping, dining, services, sports and culture, and family. Ningbo has also issued 5 million yuan in vouchers for the most popular circles, providing relief to more than 200 small and medium-sized businesses.

  Another twelve circles of this kind are expected to be completed this year, with a focus on commercial infrastructure, families, culture, public services, and digital operations.

  Chief Adviser: Zhou Fangzhou

  Proofreader: Dong Na